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    You looking for a new markets ? Want to develop you business in Russian region ?
    We will help you. Our company professionally work in consulting sphere in Russia. Our manager live in Russia already 5 years and fully understand all borders, which appear for businessman in Russia and CIS region. Our specialization – measurement equipment, industry , automation. In these areas you ROI will be excellent!
    What is the best way to start business in Russia ? How to do it ? How make best investment and maximize ROI from business in Russia ? We could help you to decide. We will help you to start faster and earn more money from business in Russia. We will help you to meet the stars.


    Look into the 4 steps – how to start the business.

    STEP 1.

    Market research. Before you will invest – you need to know the chances to win, the costs and ways to get you business up to speed in shortest period. Here you need to make market research. You need to know – potential partners, competitors, they methods of business and “game rules” in the market.

    How to do it ? Just send an information about you products:
    1. Technical brochures in English language
    2. TOP 10 products for you – what is most successful in you market
    3. TOP 3 reason – you products are better, than you competitors
    4. You international competitors – as many as you can provide
    5. EXW. Pricing and possible discount sheme for you buyers and partners - If you want to keep this information secured – Tell us and this information will be used only for internal analyse

    Give us 2-3 working weeks and you will get back:
    1. Information about similar products in market and their end-user prices.
    2. Scheme of their business, list of distributors
    3. Main competitors on market and their partners, scheme of their business
    4. Answer on question - Do you need invest into certificates and what type of certificates you will need ?
    5. Do you really need to invest into certificates to start the business or on the first stages you can work without them ?
    6. List of potential partners for you with contact information
    7. Recommended scheme - how to enter the market and list of materials, which you will need to translate into Russian.


    Step 2 – Translations.

    Before you will do anything else – you will need to translate materials into Russian. If you already have a translator – forget about it. Good technical translator must have good technical knowledge. You will need a team, who know this market and terminology. If you use translator in China, Japan, USA – forget about it. Quality of translator is very worse. Just send to us a text into any language and we will translate it. If you already have something translated – please, send to us English version and translated version and we will make a technical validation.


    Step 3 – Start the business - Find a partner or establish own branch.
    Here you have 2 options.
    Option 1. Find a partner/partners.

    We will make first contact with potential partners/distributors or will check you existing contact and will make analyze of these partners for you. We will establish first level negotiations with them for you and will appoint a meetings with them for you. We will help you to find an answer, what will be best partner for you.

    Option 2. Start you own branch in Russia.

    We will help to make all formalities and will help you to find different ways how to start the business. We will help to find Russian speaking personal for you and will help with all questions about legislation and bookkeeping. You will need just start the business.

    Step 4. – Make the marketing plan.
    Together with you we can make and implement marketing plan with internet, certification, exhibitions , PR and all needed at local markets for you. You will have a help and advices from us and will spend you money wisely. Each spend cent will bring you many $$$
    And Last, but not least:
    Step 5. Take a profit from you investment.
    I hope in this step you will not need our help.
    If you are interested, please call us to +7 916 6442246 or e-mail to

    Best Wishes,
    Olga Lukasheva
    Business in Russia, LTD
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